. ​​​ Chefs Life Apparel
Est. 2012

Chefs Life Apparel

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Pop ups, Events, Food shows, And competitions

​It’s Our recipe .... For Life

Chef’s  Life apparel started for two reasons. 
Being raised in two Industries that decided to collide into two passions, food and T-shirts.
Started by Pete Silvano In 2012. He grew up influenced by his father who was a chef Who  also had a thriving T-shirt company. Pete was subjected to working in both industries for his father at a young age. He never went hungry and always had a cool T-shirt. Fast forward to today and not much has changed. Still cooking and selling T-shirt’s.....Pete And his father. Although his dad does most of the cooking at home now.  

 In 2012 Pete started The apparel company as well as a Facebook group under the same name Chef’s Life. The group was created to market his apparel and network with other chefs. Six yrs later the group is almost 20,000 members globally and growing faster than ever. The name, the brand, & group are becoming more than just a T-shirt. They’re becoming a game changer in a tough industry full of pride and passion......