.  Chefs Life Apparel
Est. 2012

 Chefs Life Apparel

Chefs Life Apparel was established in 2012, by Chef Peter Silvano who grew up around both the  food and silk screening/apparel industries.  This background inspired his need to create shirts and hats that chefs/cooks can wear in their off time or under their chef coats.  Some are straight to the point and some are comical.  There is something for everyone even those who are just foodies at heart.  

The Apparel company has morphed into a facebook group of over 12,000 members across the globe!    https://www.facebook.com/groups/140688269459063/  

There is also an events tab.  This August is the 4th annual Chefs Life Throwdown in Bradenton, Florida! 
Tickets are selling fast so hurry and get your's by pressing the red button!  Information is on the Events
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